When launching our website earlier this year a feature that we were really excited to promote was our interactive splashback designer.

Some of the reoccurring comments we used to get from customers were along the lines of:

‘I wish I could see what this colour would look like in my kitchen, with my cabinets’ or ‘I’m unsure of what colours i’m looking for but i want to give my kitchen a new look’.

This prompted the idea for us to create some form of interactive splashback designer so people could see what colours they like, and if it would fit with the colour scheme they already have.

We were surprised that we couldn’t find anything else online that let people play around with different colour splashbacks against different kitchen units. So we were really excited to take this idea to our website designers and after a lot of hard work, they really pulled out all the stops for the Allder Glass Interactive Splashback Designer, as you can see below:

We’ve had great fun in the office playing around with all the colour combinations so if you are looking at jazzing up your kitchen, or just want to have a play around (like us) then head over and tell us what you think!

Click here for our interactive splashback designer!

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