Kitchen splashback primarily protects walls from heat, spills, and splashes. But they are also a big part of kitchen aesthetics. Splashbacks are made from various materials including tiles, glass, acrylic, stone, mirrored glass, pressed metal, stainless steel, and others.

While trends in splashback design continue to change, simple and clean splashback designs have long been popular. More elegant splashbacks are made with customized glass, stones and steels.

Because of the many options available for splashback material and the different properties they possess, choosing one that fits your needs can be overwhelming. This article provides practical tips on how to choose the perfect splashback for your kitchen.

Consider the Cost and Ease of Installation

Kitchens often have wall outlets such as sockets which must not be covered. Materials such as stone and glass often require templating to accommodate custom shapes. If you want a glass splashback and cost is a concern, acrylics are a cheaper alternative. Stones provide shining surfaces but are also costly. To manage cost, you may use the more expensive materials directly behind cooktops while using others in the lighter work area.

To Blend or Not to Blend?

When choosing a splashback for your kitchen, you need to consider the existing design. Materials for your benchtop and cupboard will influence your decision. Do you want a design that blends with the existing style or one that stands out?

The presence of a benchtop restricts your splashback choices. You may select a color or pattern matching your benchtop for uniformity. A consistent look can also be obtained by using materials with different colors but similar tones. Choosing a subtle color for your splashback will make the benchtop and room the center stage while a bright contrasting one will draw attention to the splashback. Feature splashbacks work best with a complementary benchtop and can serve as inspiration for further kitchen designs.

What’s Your Style?

If you love the traditional style of décor such as country or old school, glass splashback with infused classic art is a great option. Glass can also can provide a modern, contemporary, or chic style.

Stainless steel splashbacks will match your kitchen appliances and provide an impressive background. Glass materials can always be made to fit with whatever dominating style in your kitchen.

The style doesn’t have to be either modern or classic, you may combine elements of contemporary design with classics. For example, splashback can be started from the base with stone material directly behind the stovetop, while the areas further away are finished with glass.

Light Up Your Kitchen

Glass splashbacks not only give a streamlined look but also reflects light around the kitchen to improve visibility. Installing one will help to open up space around your kitchen and make it appear bigger than its actual size.

If your splashback faces an exterior wall, a window splashback installation can add a lustrous look to your kitchen. A splashback window brings outside color into the kitchen

The mirror glass splashbacks create a brighter atmosphere and free-flowing look with no jumps. They are excellent for reflecting beautiful home view. You may, however, prefer dark kitchen laminate or tinted mirror glass that are both trendy and stunning.

Maintenance is Key

The continuous surface of glass and steel make washing their surface easier. Stains on glass can be removed with simple glass cleaner. Stainless steel is a very durable splashback material and is also stylish.

Water or grease splashes are usually visible on dark and shiny surfaces, so splashbacks with dark color would require frequent cleaning. A good cleaning method is wiping splashback surface with warm soapy water and letting it dry.

Scrutinize Your Choice

It is important to think about your choices and how they would fit in with your home style. The color, texture, and materials should be convenient, appeal to your personality and serve the intended purposes. You can seek the advice of professional on the suitability and usefulness of the materials you choose for your kitchen’s splashback.

Your kitchen splashbacks should be contracted to professionals. At Allder Glass, we offer you the opportunity to design and personalize your splashback while we take care of the installation. Get in touch to discuss your splashback options with our consultant.