building refurbishment

Transform! Create a WOW factor for visitors and staff alike

Revitalise your building

Make your building more desirable place to work and visit. Allder Glass are experienced in transforming  a workplace.

We were asked to modernise the appearance of two office blocks on a commercial estate. They were built in the eighties and looked old, tired and not very appealing to prospective tenants.

The project had a tight budget so we painting the  concrete panel’s brilliant white. Straight away the premises looked modern and  inviting. 

We had multiple cherry pickers and cranes working all around the buildings, so planning and communication were paramount to the success of the project

replace failed glass units

Then we replaced a large amount of the double glazing which had failed. We prepared and refinished all of the opening frames with a 2 pack, grey spray paint finish.

The aluminium capping’s and pressure plates were removed and replaced with new grey polyester powder coated materials.

To match the colour of the grey painted glass, we went to a specialist film manufacturer and had the vinyl purpose made to a specific colour.

The buildings were fully occupied at the time the works were carried out, so we had to be on top of our game to ensure the safety of everyone on site.



create a new entrance!

The existing revolving doors were ancient so we  removed and replaced with auto sliding doors… entering reception through a curtain wall glazing system.

Staff noticed straight away and were excited to see the development. Regular customers commented on the rise of the “new building”. 

Our teams can transform the inside and outside of a building, from top to bottom,  including all forms of decorating and building work to  your specifications.

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