nirvana spa

We provide the specialist contoured glass for the Spa

Porsche Dealerships

Providing glass and door maintenance

The Oracle, Shopping CENTRES

Out of hours contract glass replacement


Allder have an on going contract to provide building maintenance to the computer giants

building management

All corporate and public  buildings need to meet rigid health and safety requirements. On top of this security is compromised if these key entry and exit points are not maintained. Allder specialises in making sure your building is functioning as required and are also available for quick turn around when onsite support is needed.  

ongoing maintenance

Working with an Account Manager we can make sure that your building is regulalry inspected for compliance. Maintainance on doors, glass and shutters will be performed when it is most suitable for you and your customers.  


Allder works with some of the biggest names to small local business organisations and can provide a veriety of options to fit all requirements.

lets maintain& secure the premises

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