Allder Group - Glass and Locks

Allder Group - Glass & Locks


Allder Glass, Locks and safes

We are able to assist with the opening of any safe if you should have lost the keys or forgotten the combination - as long as this is for legitimate reasons!

We are able to supply and install any type of safe or vault. We stock a range of safes, fire proof storage and gun cabinets and have next day delivery on other models available.

We also have a selection of slightly damaged stock, direct from our suppliers. Generally the damage is minor scratching on either the side or the back. These are available at big discounts.

Please contact us for prices and availability on 0800/0330 999 55 99.

Below are a few examples of free standing, Wall and floor safes. You can even get novelty safes disguised as things like drink cans and bottles, baked bean tins and wall sockets and books