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Hinged Thermalight manual access hatch

When searching for the ideal rooflight, the solution should bring style, clean lines, good light transmission and minimal visual intrusion to both the interior and exterior of the building.

The Thermalight glass rooflights are based on an innovative design to achieve maximum daylight, longevity, and high performance. The low profile system utilises triple sealed, structurally bonded glass making it ideal for flat roof low pitch applications.

Fixed Thermalight - Walk-on

The Thermalight glass rooflight range provides a long term and high quality daylight solution with an architectural style and clean looks. Internally the system has minimal visible framework and overall has excellent thermal performance. Requiring only minimal maintenance and being easy to clean, Thermalight rooflights offer guaranteed long-life clarity, and are available in fixed, hinged or pyramid styles with a variety of glass options to suit your rooflight requirements.

Solarglaze Glass Rooflights

Solarglaze Fixed

With great pleasure we introduce the new Solarglaze glass rooflight range, a real step forward in glass rooflights. Architects, developers and end users face many challenges in specifying, installing and using glass rooflights.

Solarglaze offers new solutions to all the major issues along with performance improvements, environmental benefits and user benefits not previously available.

Solarglaze sliding

Solarglaze double glazed glass rooflights offer a flat glass construction which allows the largest possible amount of light to be bought into a room. With their sleek appearance and excellent accoustic and thermal qualities they combine good aesthetics with impressive technical ability.

Insulated kerbs are supplied as standard, and both fixed and electrically hinged variants are currently available in a selection of standard sizes to enable us to provide quick delivery times.

Glass Rooflights

For the authentic deluxe finish, glass is the way to go and our Solarglaze, Starglaze and Thermalight glass rooflights offer unsurpassed quality and choice.

Fixed Glass Rooflights

Fixed glass rooflights are available from our Solarglaze, Starglaze, and Thermalight rooflight ranges. The Starglaze rooflights are supplied complete with thier own vertical or splayed PVC kerbs and the Solarglaze rooflights are supplied complete with an insulated timber kerb providing an overall rooflight U Value of 1.24 W/m²K. See more information...

Hinged Glass Rooflights - Manual

Manually openable hinged glass rooflights are available from our Starglaze rooflight range, which come complete with a splayed or PVC upstand. Manually hinged options are also available from our Thermalight range.
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Hinged Glass Rooflights - Electric

Electrically openable hinged glass rooflights are available from our Thermalight rooflight range. The opening mechanism is concealed within the glazing framework ensuring maximum light transfer into the building.
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Walk on Glass Rooflights

We can supply rooflights with glass thick enough to walk on from our Solarglaze or Thermalight rooflight range. The Walk On rooflightskylight system has been designed specifically for roof terraces and areas requiring regular pedestrian access. See more information...

Glass Pyramid Rooflights

Pyramid shaped glass rooflights are available from our Thermalight rooflight range in both fixed and hinged variants. If you are looking to install a glass rooflight as an architectural feature to your building, our pyramid option could be the answer. See more information...

Bespoke Requirements

We are able to manufacture rooflights to a huge number of sizes and requirements, as well as standard items from our Thermalight rooflight range. Simply contact us with your requirements and our experienced staff members will be happy to discuss your needs either by phone, e-mail or fax.

Polycarbonate Domes

Polycarbonate Dome Rooflights - Polycarbonate is a hard, durable and versatile form of plastic widely used in construction. It can be moulded into rounded shapes and is light and relatively inexpensive. We offer a huge range of polycarbonate dome rooflights & skylights from our Thermadome and Stardome ranges.

Coxdome Rooflights - Skyglass System

This top quality, well insulated glass rooflight consists of a flat glass unit set in a specially designed frame. Manufactured from durable aluminium externally and with maintenance free PVC on the internal faces, and it also has a 3 degree built in pitch to aid water run off.

The Coxdome Skyglass rooflight is also available as a renovation product; the range of Skyglass Rooflights can be supplied without upstands and fir neatly onto existing raised builders kerbs.

This gives contractors the opportunity to offer quick and economical daylight solutions by replacing old perspex domes for a sylish new flat glass rooflight.

The Coxdome Skyglass rooflight has an improved U-value of 1.2 W/m²K with the upstand and 1.6 W/m²K without the upstand.

In addition to its excellent insulation properties the Coxdome Skyglass rooflight also offers envronmentally friendly benefits including:

  • Lower energy consumption due to the fact that introducing natural light into spaces reduces the need for artificial lighting.
  • Natural lighting enhances the environment for end-users of the space.
  • The rooflights are ideal for refurbishment projects as they can be easily installed into existing builders kerbs.
  • The units are manufactured from glass and aluminium and are mostly recyclable.

Coxdome Rooflights - 2000 System

Coxdome 2000 rooflights offer the ultimate in rooflight design for which it has more that fifteen years' service history. The combination of multi-cavity PVCµ extrusions for the glazing edge frame and kerb adaptor complement a structural foam PVCµ upstand, providing complete thermal efficiency and a highly reflective inner surface ensuring maximum distribution of natural light.


  • Glazing:
    • Square / rectangle dome or pyramid profile.
    • The glazing material options are double skin enhanced UV protected polycarbonate and cell cast acrylic
    • Glazing elements are available in clear, diffused and bronze tinted options.
    • 235 mm foam modified PVC upstand
    • PVC kerb adaptor
  • Ventilator Units:
    • All units may be specified as hinged ventilation units. Operation is either manual or electrical.
    • Controllable trickle ventilators are available.
  • Pyrovent:
    • The pyrovent is available in three sizes† and offers am automatic smoke venting unit.
  • Note: This product can be used as a smoke ventilator on a wide variety of building categories
  • Access Hatches: Access hatch is a hinged rooflight which can be opened to 90°, and is available in three sizes.

The Trade Range

A high quality product in a wide range of sizes meeting the basic needs of small builders without sacrificing material specification.


  • Glazing:
    • Triple or double skin UV enhanced polycarbonate glazing - long lasting and highly durable.
    • Domes as standard.
    • Insulated PVCµ upstand with smooth white finish.
    • Easy to fit, install and is suitable for all traditional roof finishes with no internal decorating needed.
    • Patented security fixing, provides a high level of resistance to forced entry.
    • Crisp white internal finish.
    • The trade range are available as hinged units which are manually or electrically operated and as fixed units

Coxdome Rooflights - TPX System

Coxdome TPX rooflights are functional economical skylights designed for a wide variety of applications. The range comprises of an extensive selection of rooflights designed specifically for refurbishment projects.

When non-standard sizes are encountered adaptor kerbs, with or without ventilation, can be ordered. These units are purpose made to the precise inner and outer dimensions of the existing kerb construction.

Continuous version of the range are available. Purpose made side and end units can be site joined to produce almost any length. Insulated cross gutters are installed to span the aperture.


  • The range offers two upstand heights, 175 and 270 mm, produced from galvanised flexible polyester coated steel finished in white.
  • Choice of upstand height ensures that many thicknesses of roofing insulation can be accommodated whilst still maintaining adequate height above the finished roof level.
  • Four choices of ventilation are available permanent, controllable, powered and hinged.
  • Two insulation types can be specified - cork or mineral wool.


  • square / rectangular dome or pyramid profile.
  • The glazing material options are single or double skin enhanced UV protected polycarbonate and cell cast acrylic.
  • Glazing elements are available in clear, diffused and bronze tinted options

Access Hatches:

  • Access hatch is a hinged rooflight which can be opened to 90°, and is available in four sizes†.

Coxdome Rooflights - Mark 5 System

Coxdome Mark 5 rooflights were the first systemised approach to rooflights introduced in 1967 and has since been widely used throughout the world. A recently updated design for the glazing frame increases the security features inherent in the overall design. The use of a unique snap fixing continues the security theme but allows numerous permutations of ventilation and access units to be specified.

Ventilation Options:

  • All rooflights can incorporate the 'Hit and Miss', permanent, C/O50 or powered ventilation. They can also be specified as hinged rooflights with either power or mechanical operation.

Matrix Gutter System:

  • All the benefits of the standard and framed Coxdome Mark 5 rooflights are available for overglazing large open areas by using the Coxdome matrix system of structural aluminium gutters, which is compatible with propriety structural space frames.


  • A selection of upstands and kerb adaptors for fitting to many different roofing systems are available.
  • Produced from high quality aluminium extrusions precision welded in a large range of sizes.
  • Framed pyramids are available in 30° or 45° pitches and can be tailor made in sizes up to 3000 mm square.


  • Square / rectangular dome or pyramid profile.
  • The glazing material options are single or double skin enhanced UV protected polycarbonate and cell cast acrylic.
  • Glazing elements are available in clear, diffused and bronze tinted options.

Coxdome Rooflights - Galaxy System

Galaxy rooflights offer a domed rooflight either single, double, or triple glazed which has a horizontal flange of 100 mm that enables the rooflight to be positioned over existing kerbs at varying dimensions and of varying width.

In essence the Galaxy offers a much larger variation of dimension between the outside finished kerb and the inner face of the vertical leg of the moulding. Therefore many more existing rooflights can be replaced without the need for a kerb adaptor.

Galaxy Domes are undrilled. Fixing kits for Galaxy issued F.O.C. All polycarbonate skins are 3mm nominal thickness UV enhanced on each face.

Skylight / Rooflight Vent

Usually located at the top of a ventilation shaft or at the head of a stairwell where up to 1.5 m2 of free vent area is required for smoke extraction, the Stardome Automatic Opening Vent presents total specification flexibility.

  • All units made to measure
  • Glazed or solid top
  • Concealed mechanism giving clear uninterrupted opening
  • Easy installation
  • Opens to 90°
  • Supplied with or without control backup

The lid or top of the automatic vent can be supplied in two forms:

  • Solid metal panel, insulated and polyester powder coated— generally at the head of a smoke shaft when only ventilation is required in case of a fire (no need for light).

Glazed top in single, double or triple skin polycarbonate, which can be made in the full range of sizes.

Stardome Automatic Opening Vents can be supplied with their own kerb for fixing directly to the roof deck and then weathered in the traditional manner with the roofing membrane being dressed up the outside of an insulated kerb.

Alternatively if a kerb is being constructed as part of the roofing system (metal roofing or a builder’s kerb) then we are able to supply a kerb adaptor.

Both kerb and kerb adaptor units are manufactured from folded galvanised steel or aluminium, both materials being polyester powder coated white.

This type of automatic vent rooflight is usually specified by the Mechanical and Electrical Consultant as part of an overall smoke extraction/ fire ventilation/alarm system, and as an integral part, is linked into a control panel.

Therma-vent smoke vents

Therma-vent smoke vents are designed to reduce smoke build-up, thus providing a safer escape route for occupants, and access for fire-fighting personnel. The system can also be utilised to provide natural ventilation.

A typical smoke ventilation system includes Therma-vent smoke ventilators (Opening Vents (OVs) or Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs)) located at the highest point of an escape route staircase or at the top of a smoke shaft. Smoke detectors and manual control points are normally located on each floor. The system can be controlled by a Therma-vent control panel.

In the event of a fire the smoke detectors on the relevant floor instruct the control panel to operate the Therma-vent Automatic Opening Vent creating an upward air flow, venting smoke and toxic gases.

The system can be designed to automatically open on receipt of a fire signal or be controlled by the Therma-vent control panel on instruction of the fire services. Alternatively the Therma-vent AOVs can be linked to the Building Management System (BMS) for complete monitoring.

Therma-vent AOV control system

Therma-vent Control system Panels supplied as part of a smoke ventilation system can operate up to four AOVs. Accessories include the Therma-vent Optical Smoke Detector with mounting socket and red LED status indication, the Therma-vent Break Glass and Therma-vent Fireman's Key Switch.

The Therma-vent Control Panel is supplied ready to install with batteries fitted and all internal wiring complete and tested. This enables quick installation times with virtually no scope for wiring errors. It is supplied complete with open, close and reset buttons and LED status indicators behind a break glass panel. The LEDs provide instant status indication, showing any system or wiring faults, system activation and vent position. When used with an AOV the priority control will respond to signals from smoke detectors and manual control points and Fireman’s Switch in order of importance. For natural ventilation the control panel is supplied with a key to remove the break glass to enable operation of the open / close / reset buttons to operate the AOV.

The Therma-vent Control Panel can be installed to operate as a simple centralised ‘stand alone’ system or a larger decentralised or ‘networked’ system with additional Therma-vent Control Panels.

A ‘stand alone’ Therma-vent Control Panel may be installed to operate on the instruction of the fire service. Alternatively it may be installed to operate on receipt of a fire signal from either a smoke detector or manual control point mounted within the fire zone.

This drawing shows a centralised 'stand alone' Therma-vent Smoke Ventilation system installed in an escape route staircase. Manual control points activate the OV.

Starglaze Skylights

PVC Skylights with flat double glazed glass units are available in in two different kerb options and a variety of fixed and hinged ventilation options.

Mark 1 PVC Kerb

This PVC kerb is fully thermally-broken and externally keyed allowing easy bonding during the installation process and is fully compatible with all roofing membranes. There is a weather bar to protected the edge of the exposed waterproofing membrane. Due to its cellular construction, there is no cold bridging, reducing the risk of condenation and ensuring good insulation and low U values.

Finally, there is a flexible metal foot termination piece which can be manufactured to offer total flexibility in terms of height, insulation configuration and angle of splay to suit any roof opening size.

Mark 2 PVC Kerb - Splayed

This PVC kerb is manufactured using an 'all thermoplastic construction' for outstanding thermal efficiency, high resistance to weathering and low maintenance. The Mark 2 is formed from enhanced UV protected polycarbonate with vented airspaces. The integral cascade water management system ensures that moisture drains to the outside of the building and air leakage meets Part L criteria.

A 2mm thick wall thickness ensures weld strength and a weather seal on all opening rooflights maintains weather-tightness. A special 'key' finish to the PVC assists adhesion of a membrane and the kerb is torch-on system friendly.

Mark 2 PVC Kerb - Vertical

This variant of the Mark 2 kerb is vertical to allow maximum light using a cost effective design whilst still achieveing outstanding thermal efficiency, high resistance to weathering and low maintenance. The Mark 2 is formed from enhanced UV protected polycarbonate with vented airspaces. The integral cascade water management system ensures that moisture drains to the outside of the building and air leakage meets Part L criteria.

There is a metal foot termination piece which is supplied to enable easy fitting of this kerb direct to the roof deck.

Ventilation Options

The ventilation frame is constructed from a single, highly complex, PVC profile designed to efficiently 'dock' between the glazing module and either the kerb adaptor profile or the kerb, creating a secure, weathered and warm connection with no cold bridges.

The ventilation zone arrangement is flexible depending on the specifiers requirements. For example it can include the following features:

  • A unique continuous hinge is available which facilitates the opening of the ventilation zone and glazing (manually or electrically actuated). This allows for high volume air ventilation.
  • A PVC extruded profile rotary ventilator system can be mounted in the sidewall of the accessory frame. The cylindrical shape protects it from the outside elements using a continuous cowl feature and can be protected with integral insect mesh. The vent is simply operated by rotating the operating handle.

Starglaze glass rooflights have the following glass specification:

  • 6mm Clear Toughened Outter Pane
  • 16 mm Air Gap
  • 6.4 Clear Laminated Low E Coated Inner Pane